Infocandy Animations

I have recently being employed by John Lawrence of Infocandy Animations to maintain and evolve their website at The work is on a hourly rate and is occasional. I thought it would be interesting to share some of their animation reels on my website.

The one featured below is from 2015.

Bafta and RTS Awards

Last year Infocandy were nominated for a Bafta award and this year were nominated for a Royal Television Award. This was for a collaborative project called ‘Filming Our Greatest Generation’. it was developed in partnership with Testimony films. The film was originally broadcast on BBC 2 in July 2015 and allowed children to make films about elderly members of their community. There is more information on the BBC website

The Future For Infocandy

Infocandy are currently opening a new studio in Bristol and are looking to expand the children’s entertainment side of the business. The new studio is designed to give them more space for more lavish and expansive productions. Infocandy work with a range of styles and animation mediums. These include sand, 2D digital, paper, stop motion and hand drawn. Infocandy are also planning a major overhaul of the front page of their website. I am looking forward to working on this development.