Free Plugin For WordPress

I thought it would be fun to create a free WordPress plugin using Marvel's data API. The API allows you to do many things, but one of the simplest is to retrieve information about individual Marvel characters. If only life was really that simple.

In theory in order to be able to use the plugin you will require a Marvel Developers account. This will give you access to your API keys.

How To Use the Free Plugin

The plugin is currently unavailable for public release. After a long chat with WordPress about the simple issue of attribution and credit to Marvel in the data display. I have been told that Marvel are shooting me in the foot by requiring credits and attribution on my end of the development. There is more information in this article about WordPress's plugin guidelines

The plugin can be installed using your WordPress plugin uploader. All you need to do after install is add your API keys and choose how you want the content displayed. The plugin uses a short code to display the Marvel characters. There is a choice of image size as well as orientation. The content in the sidebar on the home page is displayed using the ‘Vertical' option and large image setting. The content on this page below this information about the plugin specifications is displayed using the ‘Horizontal' option and a small image setting.

Customise the Content

If you are familiar with CSS you will be able to customise the display of the Marvel characters by overriding the style of the containers displaying different aspects of the display. Just include this code in your themes style sheet or custom CSS area and add the attributes you want. Have fun!

/* image */
.marvel_image{width:100% !important;}
/* title */
/* link */
/* description */

[marvel heroes=”Deadpool (Deadpool)”]