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Website Development Services

I develop on Windows 10 with the Notepad++ code editor. I work with a variety of server side and front end scripting languages, for development I use the XAMPP. In terms of production I am familiar with configuring both Apache and Nginx servers. I work with Plesk and Cpanel as well as Ubuntu Droplets directly with the CLI (Command Line Interface).

Development Experience

As well as software and website development I am experienced with website security, graphic design, podcasting, machine learning, hybrid app development, API integration and Search Engine Optimisation. I have worked extensively with the Stripe, Betfair, Mail Chimp and Twitter APIs. My hybrid app development is currently assisted by the Monaca IDE.

Static websites are ideal if you want a single or multiple page website that does not require a user login and account based systems. I create bespoke static websites from scratch and customise existing HTML 5 templates.

These sites can be supported with PHP and MySQLi via jQuery. This allows for Email, Mailing List, Social Media and News Feed integration.
WordPress is a CMS (Content Management System). It is ideal if you want a blog, membership site or ecommerce system. I can integrate and customise existing WordPress themes and if required build customised ones.

As well as themes I build plugins for a variety of functions. For example automated data imports from APIs, mailing list management, product export and import and content management.
I am familiar with all aspects of ecommerce. Product development, postal rate integration, VAT calculation, payment gateway setup and ecommerce website creation with WordPress.

My services are primarily business to customer. I work with WPML (WordPress Multilingual) this allows content to be delivered to the customers in their native language. The use of geolocation technology can allow my ecommerce developments to set prices by country.
Hybrid Apps
I develop Hybrid Apps that feature dynamic content from newsfeeds and ecommerce platforms. The are built on the Apache Cordova framework and have all the same features as iOS and Android specific apps.

The Apps are a fusion of HTML, CSS, Vanilla JavaScript and jQuery and can be integrated with WordPress to provide user login and account features, dynamic (live) content and payment gateways.
Software Development
As well as creating websites and apps I also develop software to run on web servers. This software is written in PHP and MYSQL and can be tailored to suit a variety of functions.

Examples of software I have created includes RSS feed creators for podcasting, machine learning applications and CSV parsers for ecommerce product imports.
Machine Learning
Machine Learning programs have the ability to become more intelligent over time. Automated software programs that both import and generate their own data for analysis. I use the PHP ML library to perform statistical analysis to group and identify data.

This data grouping can be used to create predictions on the likely outcome of future events. My machine learning robots run on web servers and are integrated with WordPress to allow for the delivery of their analysis to consumers.
API integration
An API is an Advaned Programmer Interface. Services such as Facebook, Twitter and Stripe provide APIs to allow their services to be integrated into your website or web application

If you require API integration for your website I can provide integrations for the following API services: Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Stripe, Mailchimp, Betfair, PayPal and Google Maps.
Google Maps
Google Maps provide a variety of services that can be integrated into a website or web application. I have worked with Google Places, Google Directions, Address Lookup and Geocoding. Maps can be great for showing the location of your business and for creating geospatial representations of data to increase user engagement.
Hosting Services
I can host your website for you. I work with Ubuntu droplets, PHP FastCGI implentation and the Nginx server. Hosting services are available if you purchase your web application or website from me. If you are looking for a CMS such as WordPress hosting is only provided for contracts that include regular website maintenance.
Having a mail server run on your hosting can open you up to a variety of risks. The most common is your IP ending up on a block list because your mail server has been compromised and used to send SPAM or junk mail

I can integrate Zoho mail services into your current hosting and setup APIs to handle your websites email services. Integrations available include the use of the Zoho API for WordPress and the integration of the Mail Jet API on static websites.
Content Writing
If you require content for your website I can write this for you. I research current trends in search engine use with Google Trends and assess keyword relevancy with the Google AdWords keyword analysis tools.

With keywords identified I can then research and write blog articles, leading content and product descriptions. All designed to get your website pages the best search engine placement as possible.
Copyright Testing
I use reliable copyright testing services to identify the uniqueness of your content. If you are concerned that your website content has been plagiarised or want to test that your content is not a duplicate of existing website content this service is for you

Using reliable copyright testing tools I can analyse your website content and compare it to content already published on Google. If the content is duplicate it can be amended to make it unique. If you have been plagiarised I can hellp with having the offending website removed from the search engine results pages,
The FAE accessibility evaluator from the University of Illinois and the Mozilla AInspector browser can be usesd to check a websites semantic value. Increasing the semantic value and working with the WCAG 2.0 Level A ruleset can be beneficial to website health and can improve search engine placements.
SEO (Search Engine Opimisation)
Search Engine Optimisation is a process where by the website is tailored for inclusion in Google's and Bing's SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages). The process involves structuring a site to comply with website standards set by the W3C, optimising content delivery to acheive high page speed scores and content writing with focus on keywords.

The type of optimisation a website requires depends on the individual website itself, if you are interested in my Search Engine Optimisation services please get in touch. I will be able to analyse your website and provide you with a tailored quote based on your requirements,
Website Maintenance and Repair
If your website is not dispaying properly or if your WordPress website has stopped functioning correctly after core, theme or plugin updates I can analyse the issue and provide suitable fixes.

Alternatively if your website has been hacked I provide malware removal services.