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The WordPress frameowrk is at the center of my website developments. Its a readily customisable content management that is suitable for blogs as well as Ecommerce. I have integrated WordPress with machine learning applications and develop plugins for Ecommerce related services as well as customise existing WordPress themes for a variety of different website services

WordPress Website Development

Sporting Guru is a complex mapping based system that shows predictions for sporting events with geospatial data on a map. Content is imported automatically into the site daily from bespoke machine learning programs that analyse horse and greyhound racing events and tennis and football matches. The site also features a daily mail out of the current days predictions as well as yesterdays results.

Machine Learning

Trade Football is a membership site featuring member specific page content. Subscriptions are handled with PayPal. Content for the site is generated using predictive machine learning algorithms. These algorithms analyse football orientated data from the Betfair API and football related statistical services. Naïve Bayes and Nearest Neighbour tests are instigated using the PHP-ML library ( and predict the likely outcome of football matches.

Global Tennis Index is a similar platform to Trade Football. Automated machine learning algorithms work on picking the tennis matches most likely to generate a good ROI (Return of Investment). The site features a custom WordPress theme, news feed arsers and the integration of the Twitter API.

Music and Podcasting

Planetary Spirals is a music blog with a remarkably successful podcasting series. The website features a custom built theme as well as plugins designed to allow the artist to upload mp3’s and create musical albums.

WordPress Related Services

  • Bespoke WordPress Plugins
  • Audio Editing
  • Social Media Integration
  • Twitter API
  • News Feed Parsers
  • Machine Learning
  • Mailing Lists
  • Membership Pages
  • Paypal Subscriptions
  • Search Engine Optimisation