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I build and publish a range of websites. These can be simple static sites or more complex dynamic ones. Static sites have no database driven content and are simple constructs of HTML, JavaScript and CSS. Ideal if you just want to publish a promotion or a leading page.

The more complex database driven sites use PHP and MYSQL with HTML, JavaScript and CSS to deliver content. These sites we publish with either a WordPress content management system or where necessary a custom built framework. A dynamic site will allow you to edit and publish your own website content.
WordPress Themes
I create and deliver high quality WordPress themes. The themes are designed to overcome common issues that a lot of WordPress themes have with search engine optimisation and page speed. An entire site can be designed for you from scratch or you can supply your own wireframe and we can bring it to life. All the themes have a fully customisable set of theme options. Designed to allow you to have the ability to customise and control your website displays content.
Ecommerce sites can be delivered using the woo commerce framework. I will be able to create for you a site with customised product, archive and payment pages. Customers will be able to checkout with Sage Pay, WorldPay or Paypal payment gateways. The WordPress themes we create can be customised specifically to accomodate woo commerce and its components.
WordPress Plugins
If you already have a WordPress theme and require new customisable content then I can create for you your very own WordPress plugin. For example you might want to display reviews and ratings or have a bespoke Google maps application. The plugins are designed to be sleek and efficient and can be easily integrated using a system known as shortcodes.
SEO (Search Engine Opimisation)
If you are purchasing a site from me then perfect SEO can be part of what you pay for. If however your site has SEO issues a detailed analysis can lead to identifying the problem:

1. Analysis with Microsoft’s SEO toolkit
2. Page speed analysis with GTMetrix and Google page speed insights
3. Test of mobile responsiveness
4. Test of Microformats and rich snippets

The tests are designed to highlight structural and design defects. After the site has been analysed and repaired further SEO techniques can be implemented.
Keyword Analysis
I can use data from Google and Bing to determine the best keywords for your site. These keywords can be used as the basis for your website content and if required blog writing. I also have specialist software that can analyse your current search engine keyword data and determine whether or not there are better or more search engine friendly keywords and keyword phrases
Website Maintenance
I offer a monthly service where you can have reports written on your website traffic and necessary website amendments and updates carried out. If not already established accounts are setup with Google and Bing Webmasters Tools as well as Google Analytics. An essential part of the monthly website maintenance is the prevention of suspicious activity. This is achieved through the installation of software that in conjunction with data from Project Honeypot identifies spammers, bad robots and illegal website trawlers.
I can work with the FAE accessibility evaluator from the University of Illinois and the Mozilla AInspector browser to check a websites semantic value. Increasing the semantic value and working with the WCAG 2.0 Level A ruleset can be beneficial to website health and is known to improve overall SEO.
Copyright Testing
With copyright control being at the forefront of the publishing industry I feel it is important that your content cannot be classed as plaigiarised. I use reliable copyright testing services to identify the uniqueness of your content. If you have concerns about your existing website content we can help you identify where plaigiarism has occured and write you new content.
eShop Management
I have experience managing eShops with products ranging from designer childrens clothes through to organic wine. My management services include photo editing, review writing and product creation. The website maintenance and SEO services can be integrated into the eShop management I offer.
JavaScript Applications
I have a specialist knowledge in JavaScript and JQuery. If you require a simple web application to create a carousel, sophisticated navigation menu, validate a form, animate content or create a custom Google map then I can create the software you require.
PHP Programs
If you require something new or out of the ordinary I can create a PHP program for you. Examples of programs I have developed include software systems that analyse and compare products on Amazon and Ebay and registration systems that can print badges with barcodes.
Website Repair
If you webiste is running slowly or wil just not function the way it should then I can take a look at your site run an audit and pinpoint the root cause of the problem.
Responsive Design
With mobile phones and tablets becomming as popular as PCs for surfing the web it is important that websites are compatible with a range of different devices. I can create websites that are fully responsive.

If you already have a website that you want to behave in a more responsive manner I can customise your site to allow you to have a responsive design without you having to change how you publish your content.