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Premier Web Design is no more, not in a bad way but a great one! I am starting a new role as Solutions Developer with Objecif Lune. These are my blog articles, written during my period as a freelancer. I hope you find somethng positive in these articles.

Affiliate Websites – Marketing with AWS

If you have an affiliate website you have an opportunity to develop a residual income. Being an affiliate allows you to earn commission for promoting quality goods and services. All you need is a website or social media profile that will get you accepted onto an affiliate program. Amazon has one of the largest affiliate programs. If fact many well known high street retailers offer commission for website referrals.

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Internationalisation (i18n) – WordPress

As part of my ongoing work for Vespe and their retail of match fishing products I am being asked to create a multilingual WordPress site or alternatively a set of sites all in different languages. The question is what is the best option for this and how well will it work with a plugin such as the IQ Block Country Plugin. The most important consideration is the internationalisation of the WordPress themes and custom plugins.

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An Introduction – WP Plugin Guidelines

I recently submitted a plugin for review by WordPress for inclusion in their repository. I figured that the plugin I had built was okay and that it would provide a good way for people to share content on the web.

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JQuery Sliders and Script Deferment

I have for the past few months been working on jQuery sliders and Document Object Model (DOM) manipulation with JavaScript. A lot of this work has been related to SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), particularly page speed.

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Free Plugin For WordPress

I thought it would be fun to create a free WordPress plugin using Marvel’s data API. The API allows you to do many things, but one of the simplest is to retrieve information about individual Marvel characters. If only life was really that simple.

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