Google and Affiliate Advertising

Google has certain parameters that need to be met before a website can be considered of actual value to Google users. It is outlined in an article in Google Webmasters the way affiliate advertising can be used and how to retain a good search engine listing.The key element for consideration is that if a product is available elsewhere how does your affiliate website benefit the consumer?

Product Reviews

Here at Premier Design we like to research different aspects of website publication. Our current work involves working with AWS (Amazon Web Services) and the Product Advertising API. You can in theory, with this API use Amazon's data to create your own online store. The software was used to create a pilot site called The Live Casino Shop. The website had been designed as a vehicle for researching how affiliate product listings impact search engine results. At the moment the site has been indexed by Google. However it does not feature in the expected search engine result pages.

Copyrighting Issues

At first it was considered that the issue might relate to copyrighting. If product descriptions and names feature in Amazon, Ebay or on Gumtree, and if these pages have been indexed by Google or Bing an issue with plagiarism might be identified. There is a useful copyrighing tool at CopyScape. If you purchase a few credits you can batch process an entire website. The processing involves the use of data from Bing and identifies duplications in website content. I analysed my project ‘The Live Casino Shop' and found a number of copyrighting issues. I amended the site by removing products. As of yet this change has not resulted in any alteration in how the site is listed.

Building a Shopping Basket

The Product Advertising API allows you to create a shopping basket for your site. Users can add products to the basket and then checkout. Maybe if this is added to the Live Casino Shop, Google will see it to have more value and worth. These issues do not mean that creating a shop with a set theme and listing products obtained from Amazon via their API is a bad thing. If you have a busy social media profile on Twitter, Facebook or Google + then your followers will always take time to look at the products you are recommending. Even if you have a small social network you can join groups and communities and use these to both expand your network and gain website traffic.