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Matthew LeeThree years working as a freelance developer has seen me expand my skills, in particular with WordPress and ecommerce. For this period a vast majority of my work has been through the PeoplePerHour employment network. Premier Web Design has been developed through a desire I have to write and to allow me to expand my repertoire by increasing my scope.

Computer Skills

My work requires that I have a familiarity with web and database servers. I am experienced with working with the Apache server on both Windows and Linux platforms. I am also familiar with how to configure a VPS through shell access via TLS. My database experience is with the MySQL database.

Creating documents for delivery with a web server has introduced me to a myriad of different coding languages. On the front end I work with HTML5, CSS3, Vanilla JavaScript, jQuery and XSLT. My backend coding is with PHP and MySQL. I can create and publish syndicated feeds and podcasts as RSS 2.0 and have experience of working with numerous APIs (Application Programming Interfaces). I have intermediate and expert knowledge of Google Maps, AWS Product Advertising, eBay Developers Program and the OCR Document API.

My knowledge of front end development and content delivery to web browsers is expanding. I can use CSS media queries to stylise content for delivery to mobiles, laptops and PCs. The use of key frame animations is also becoming part of my repertoire. I also have an understanding of jQuery and the jQuery User Interface and can create numerous types of image, text and product sliders.

WordPress is becoming more are more prominent on the web. My work experience allows me to be able to customise and edit existing WordPress themes and plugins. But more importantly it allows me to create custom themes, plugins and widgets. Multilingual Ecommerce with WPML is now part of my skill set. If required I can deliver a multilingual site, with a multinational outlook. Translated pages for each supported language and prices set by country.

Delivering web applications that can accommodate the full range of coding languages that I use means that I have to requires an IDE (Integrated Development Environment). I have experience with Microsoft’s Visual Studio, Adobe's Macromedia Dreamweaver and the Aptana Studio. As well as coding I am familiar with the importance of image manipulation and graphic design. To create images in multiple formats I develop with the GIMP studio and Adobe's Photoshop.


2009 - 2012 BSC Environmental Science with Honours (Class 2.1)
Glyndwr University, Wrexham, UK
I studied towards obtaining a class 2.1 degree in Environmental Science with honours. Areas of study included sustainability, ecology, environmental systems, atmospherics, chemical analysis and geographic information systems. I achieved first class grades in ecology, atmospherics and chemical analysis.

1992 - 1994 Yeovil College, Somerset, UK
A level Biology - B
A level Chemistry - D
GCSE Physics - C

1987 - 1992 Stanchester Community School, Somerset, UK
GCSE Art - C
GCSE Biology - B
GCSE Chemistry - B
GCSE English Language - A
GCSE English Literature - A
GCSE French - A
GCSE Geography - A
GCSE Maths - A
GCSE Technology - B

Freelance Website Developer (2013 - Present)

Shortly after I finished University in 2012 I started work for a charity called The Wildlife Foundation. My intention was to create an interactive web application based on software that I had developed whilst studying conservation management. The experience of working for the charity coupled with an intermediate knowledge of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP and MySQL allowed me to move onto working within two different freelance marketplaces. These are PPH (PeoplePerHour) and Student Gems. The later of the two networks is for graduates only. Since starting as a professional freelance developer I have completed over 150 different jobs, far too many to list as individual items. To simplify things I have broken my work experience down into five categories: custom built websites, WordPress themes and plugins, PSD templates to WordPress, SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) and website edits and repair.

Custom Built Websites

My experience with full stack development has allowed me to create a bespoke content management system. Users can register, login and depending on the type of website deployment, complete different tasks. For example I have created somes systems for photo sharing and commenting and others that allow registrants to print or obtain on the day of an event their badges.

WordPress Themes and Plugins

I have been creating WordPress themes and plugins for the last two years. In fact this website is a WordPress theme in development. The plugin I make add dynamic effects with JavaScript and jQuery, enhance existing SEO and where necessary integrate themselves with WooCommerce. Besides working on my own developments I am fully competent developing with plugins and themes created by other programmers. My experience with WooCommerce extends into working with WPML and WooCommerce template customisations. I have successfully integrated Paypal, Sagepay, WorldPay and Realex payment gateways.

PSD Templates to WordPress

Development by itself does not create a website. Working on PeoplePerHour has introduced me to graphic designers that create designs for WordPress sites using Photoshop (PSD) templates. I have through working with a multitude of WordPress themes converted PSD to HTML for IT support companies, contract surveyors, finance brokers and spray insulation companies.

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

My experience with SEO predates my professional experience as a freelance developer. SEO was how I discovered web development. Working professionally has introduced me to Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools as well as ways of assessing site performance with Google PageSpeed Insights. I have been employed on a regular part time basis to generate SEO reports, identify potential sources of traffic and to use my knowledge to pinpoint and address issues with:

  • Page Loading Speed
  • HTML and CSS Validity
  • Image Optimisation
  • Script Deferment
  • Copyright
  • Keyword Optimisation
  • Mobile Responsiveness