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Premier Web Design is no more, not in a bad way but a great one! I am starting a new role as Solutions Developer with Objecif Lune. These are my blog articles, written during my period as a freelancer. I hope you find somethng positive in these articles.

Machine Learning, PHP and the Lottery

Machine Learning is what it sounds like it is, a machine learning. I have been working with ML and automated software systems for the last few years. It is only recently that the value of machine learning as a predictive tool is becoming apparent. My work has been with numerical data, in particular sports related data and more recently lottery numbers.

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Migrating From Phone Gap to Monaca

Alas Phone Gap is no more, Adobe suspended funding for the project in July 2020. However there are great alternatives available. Monaca provide a cloud based hybrid app development environment and all the tools you need to publish your apps. Monaca like Phone Gap has free and paid for services.

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The Cost of Website Development

This is a question I still find myself asking and it is one of those that will not go away. There is no price standardisation on the web? Prices for websites vary from person to person and from country to country. The market for website design is fully globalised, currency and its relative value are a big influence on what can be charged.

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Geoblocking and Price Discrimination

Within a single currency is deemed unethical to charge different prices for a single product if this difference is the result of a person’s race or nationality. Trading online means that you can offer prices in different currencies. If you are trading in Europe, European law dictates that you cannot discriminate on terms of nationality. The question is how does this apply to ecommerce and in particular geoblocking?

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Free Software, GPL and WordPress

The GPL license was created by the free software foundation. The majority of free software is open source. However open source software with a restrictive license that prohibits derivatives is not published under the GPL. The GPL grants you the ability to copy, modify and distribute software. So for example if you modify a WordPress theme or plugin that is published under the GPL you have to ensure that the version you create remains free.

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